2019-2020 Highland Rim Academy Tuition Rates

Kindergarten                                    $6,300                        
1st - 6th  Grade                               $7,000                        

7th - 12th Grade                 $7,500                           

Open enrollment begins on February 25, 2019. 

Multiple Student Discount

The second child will receive $900 off of his/her grade's rate, and the third and subsequent children will receive $1,400 off of their grade's rate.  The only exception is Kindergarten, in which case the tuition amount is as listed regardless of how many children a family has enrolled in the school.  

Pastoral Discount

For more information on this discount, contact the school office at 931-526-4472.



Enrollment Deposit

A deposit of 10% of tuition must be paid after you have been notified of acceptance.  This will secure your student's placement in his/her respective class.  The enrollment deposit will be applied towards the total tuition balance for the upcoming school year. 


Tuition Payment Options

1. Single Payment: All remaining tuition due June 10.
2. Semester Payment: Remaining tuition is divided in half with 1/2 tuition due on June       10 and the remainder due on November 10.
3. Monthly Payment: The nine remaining payments are due June 10 through February       10.  Parents have the option of paying more deposit money upfront in order to               offset monthly tuition payments.