At Highland Rim Academy, we believe each of our students is a unique, whole person made in the image of God. Our classroom instruction techniques, curriculum, and discipleship-centered approach all work together to ensure our students receive an education that acknowledges the fullness of who they are in body, mind, and spirit. And by using the classical model we can confidently address our students’ needs in the most developmentally appropriate way at each step of their physical, mental, and spiritual development as they grow from the youngest learners among us in Kindergarten to mature young men and women senior year. Kindergarten registration is open for those who have a birthday on or before July 31.

Below are some basic guidelines. We would love to talk to you in more detail if you have any questions. Please contact the school office at 931-526-4472 for more information or to set up a tour.

Academic Markers

Know first and last name

Write first name

Know phone number and address

Recite ABC’s accurately

Recognize all upper and lower case letters (does not have to write them)

Know names of basic shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, circle, diamond/rhombus

Know basic colors: red, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, black, brown

Rhyming: Identify and offer rhyming words

Count to 20+

Recognize numbers 1-20

Developmental Markers

Verbal communication: willing and able to answer questions and participate in discussion

Be able to follow 2-3 step oral directions. Ex) sit down, smile, and fold your hands

Sit still and attentive for 10-15 minutes while listening to a story

Answer comprehension questions (Ex. “How did Lucy feel about meeting her new friend?”

Phonemic awareness (know whether sounds are the same or distinct in words)

Auditory memory (repeating digits or sentences)

Fine motor skills: correct pencil grip, cutting, tracing, etc

Know directional words: top, middle, left, right, bottom

Sorting by color, shape and size

Hand-eye coordination (tracking objects while counting)

Gross motor skills: balancing, skipping, hopping, stairs, etc

Show a cooperative attitude


Recommended Activities: How can I prepare my child?

Fine motor skills: play-doh, coloring, writing, drawing, sewing (cardboard cutouts and shoelaces), puzzles, cutting, etc

Word games: rhyming, beginning sounds (Ex. “What other words begin with a /b/ sound?”)

Gross motor play: leap frog, tag, climbing trees, rolling, wrestling, running, skipping, etc

Reading with an adult, babysitter, older sibling, etc for 20-30 minutes a day