·         Properly hold and use a pencil

·         Know first and last name

·         Write first name

·         Show a cooperative attitude

·         Be able to follow 2-3 step oral directions. Ex.: sit down, smile, and fold your hands

·         Able to repeat short sentences

·         Answer comprehension questions orally

·         Identify and offer rhyming words: “Tell me a word that rhymes with cat.”

·         Recognize all upper and lower case letters

·         Trace shapes, letters, numbers

·         Properly hold scissors and cut along line and circle

·         Recognize numbers 1-20

·         Count to 20+

·         Recite ABC’s accurately

·         Know names of basic shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, circle, diamond/rhombus

·         Know basic colors: red, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, black, brown

·         Sort by color, shape, and size

·         Know directional words: top, middle, left, right, bottom

·         Know phone number and address

·         Walk in a straight line with good balance (as though on a balance beam)

The following skills are not assessed prior to enrollment but are necessary for success:

·         Follow a routine

·         Adjust reasonably to changes in a schedule

·         Sit in a chair and focus on a task for 10-15 minutes straight

·         Separate easily from Mom and Dad

·         Know how to line up