Take a look at what makes Highland Rim Academy special.



Highland Rim Academy is a fully accredited K-12 classical Christian school.  HRA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is an interdenominational day school. In 2007, a group of individuals saw a need to provide local Christian families with an education that would uphold the values that they were using to disciple their children at home.  An education that would uphold the truth and knowledge of God's Word.  An education with a Christian world view as the central governing force for all programs, curriculum and activities. An education that would simultaneously raise the bar of academic excellence. An education that would nourish the souls of children on truth, goodness, and beauty.  A classical Christian education.

Highland Rim Academy is a full-time school beginning with Kindergarten and producing graduates.  We are the first and only classical Christian school in the greater Putnam county area serving the families and churches of Cookeville, Baxter, Monterey, Livingston, Sparta and their respective communities. HRA is fully accredited through the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), the gold standard for all classical Christian schools nationwide. We are also a Category II State Accredited school through the Tennessee Association of Non-Public Academic Schools (TANAS). HRA desires to serve like-minded families who support our vision.

We hope that as you browse through our web page, you will come to understand the importance of our mission and appreciate the uniqueness of, and need for, classical Christian education. Never before has there been such a tremendous need to raise the bar of academic excellence while simultaneously offering an atmosphere and course of study geared toward equipping children to know and walk with God. Through the efforts of Highland Rim Academy, we endeavor to see the raising up of a generation of young people who will positively impact the culture and society in which they live for the kingdom of Christ.

Highland Rim Academy is independently owned and operated by the board of directors of Seek Ye First Ministries.